PRIVATE MARILYN: The Woman Behind The Icon 

This is the first international travelling exhibition of original pieces from the life and career of the most photographed woman of the 20th Century - actress, singer and style icon Marilyn Monroe.


For decades, most of her belongings have been stored by her heirs until they were auctioned by Christie`s in New York 1999. Most of such belongings have been bought by a private collector and curator.

Up to 300 objects from Monroe`s legacy are on display and reports about the life and work of this extraordinary woman. They include clothing; accessories; beauty & care products; film props; private documents; film scripts; original photographs and much more.


This biographical exhibition allows visitors to dive into Monroe's world and walk through the most important chronological stages of her life. For the first time, it educates about the strength behind the public person and gives an intimate look to her true identity as a courageous, ambitious and emancipated woman in a male-dominated world in the 1950’s.


The collection is complemented by individual pieces from other international collectors. An accompanying exhibition catalogue and merchandising articles are available.

  • Space required: 600sqmt -1200sqmt

  • 1 x 40ft HC containers or equivalent in trucks

  • Load-in: 7 days

  • Load-out: 3 days

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