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The marine ecosystem is the widest environment on earth. Sunlight only penetrates oceans up to 200 meters, and here is concentrated the majority of marine organisms we know. Proceeding downwards, the water temperature tends to decrease: at 2000 metres the temperature is 3°C and at 3000 metres only 2°C; on the seabed it can touch 0°C. The pressure increases by1atm every ten meters. The deep sea is therefore an extreme environment, inhabited by few organisms for the most part still unknown.

With this exhibition we seeks to raise awareness of the beauty and the incredible life forms found in the deepest abysses. These species are shaped by pressure, by absolute darkness and deep frost, have incredible shapes that seem to belong to an almost imaginary world. But the darkness is never absolute, and abyssal depths are lit intermittently by his inhabitants' chemical lights...

The exhibition takes place in semi-darkness. The protagonists include large specimens such as the 13-metres long giant squid, and the 4-metres long Bluntnose shark.

In total more than 100 species are featured in the exhibition. 54 of these, some taxidemized and other in models, have bright colors and light up when illuminated by ultraviolet light.

Abyss is modular, so it can be easily adapted to different spaces from a minimum of 200sqmt meters to a maximum of 400sqmt.

  • Space required: 200sqmt - 400sqmt

  • 1 x 40ft HC container or truck

  • Load-in: 5 days

  • Load-out: 3 days

Abyss - World Touring Exhibitions 2 (2).png
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