Experience Da Vinci is a successful interactive exhibition showcasing skillfully crafted reproductions of the works of Leonardo Da Vinci, based on the world renowned polymath’s original invention studies and model plans.

Da Vinci's scientific and mathematical approach to art produced amazing three-dimensional artworks that later became the basis for modern science. Because of his boundless curiosity, uncanny powers of observation and innovative thinking, he conceptualised machines that were considered advanced during his time.

The exhibition features interactive and life-size machines and models that can be operated by the visitors, allowing them to engage with Da Vinci’s experiences, inventions and designs, and feel the wonder the genius Leonardo felt when he built them for the first time.

The exhibition also features reproductions of many of Da Vinci’s world famous paintings such as Gioconda and The Last Supper.

Experience Da Vinci is a fun, rewarding and educational experience for the whole family.

  • Space required: 400sqmt - 800sqmt

  • 2 x 40ft HC containers or equivalent in trucks

  • Load-in: 5 days

  • Load-out: 3 days

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