The Art of Interactive Digital is a brand new exhibition aiming to underline the power of digital art to be fun, creative and interactive.

The interactive actions of this exhibition include themes like oil painting, music walls, beach and sea of stars, angel wings, waterfall & flowers, lights, magic, twin scene, sea world, face changing, cartoons and many others.

The Moving Oil Painting scene, changing and adapting to your body whole visitors move before it; like magic particles re-creating themselves following your movement.

The Parallel World scene, where visitors can see themselves doubling, one of them repeating the same movements a few seconds later; a bit like watching oneself in a parallel world.

The Music Wall, where different musical instruments are on a wall, they starts moving and playing when you touch them.

The Art Of Interactive Digital features 20 scenes: each of them is special, different, interesting and definitely fun; every single scene is a highlight which will intrigue and entertain the visitors. This is an exhibition suitable for families and public of all ages.

  • Space required: 300sqmt - 500sqmt

  • 2 x 40ft HC or 2 trucks

  • Load-in: 4 days

  • Load-out: 3 days

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