Giant Soft Bricks Playland is 240 square meters, the dimension could be flexible based on the venue. It comes with one 40ft container. Fast load-in and load-out, easy maintenance. The first month charges full rental fee, from the second month onwards, the rental fee will be 50% off. Contact us for a quote.

Giant Soft Bricks Playland is entertaining, educational, healthy and safe. The bricks are large and soft, made of EPP foam. Suitable age 1-12 years old, 1-3 hours playing time, attract children to come back regularly. Perfect for shopping malls and events to attract footfall and entertain children; worthwhile for venues to sell tickets making income.

Over 15 playing areas inside the playland promote children's ability to distinguish colours, inspire imagination, develop sensory integration, development of children's large and small muscles, and the training of balance.

The design team creatively combines soft giant building blocks with children's play equipment, making Giant Soft Bricks Playland different from and more attractive of other indoor children's activities. Parents can participate in Giant Soft Bricks Playland and build giant bricks together with their children. This allows parent-child play and develop the physical and mental well-being of children.

  • Space required: 240sqmt (could be smaller)

  • 1 x 40ft HC containers or 1 trucks

  • Load-in: 3 days

  • Load-out: 2 days

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