Besides our own travelling exhibitions for hire, World Touring Exhibitions offers its experience to clients who want to produce an exhibition themselves – either permanent or temporary.

We can offer you a full package, or you are welcome to pick and choose our services, as your project requires :

  • Exhibition production for permanent or temporary exhibitions from idea to delivery

  • Shopping malls services

  • Project management

  • Floors layouts

  • Freight & logistics planning


Exhibition production for permanent or temporary exhibitions from idea to delivery

Our long experience in the field, our specialised team, and our dedicated suppliers’ reliability make the task of creating an exhibition much easier and effective for you. We will communicate with you along the whole project from your first idea to its implementation and final delivery. We can also take care for you of freight, logistics, as well as instructing your own crew on how to take over from us after our work for you is finished.

You are welcome to only use part of our services in this sense, ie: only production, only specialised crew, only freight and logistics, or any combination your project may require from us.


Shopping malls services

If you are a mall, besides exhibition production, we can also provide entertainment units to you. We can customise them for your space and requirements.


Project management

If for any reason you may not be able to follow your project directly, we can offer project management. We will plan and follow your project following your instructions, and bring it to a successful delivery.


Floors layouts

Our designers can help you with a floor layout for your exhibition. No venue is impossible, as long as the right people can design around it!


Freight & logistics planning

Moving a cargo around the world is not an easy task for the non-initiated. We are here to help in operating this daring task on your behalf, so to bring our exhibition or entertainment unit to you offering the best value for money. We would also advise you on how to optimise import operations, hence lowering your costs.

Space Adventure for malls and to show fi

Space Adventure exhibition: the interactive area

Setup 3D.jpg

3D Doubt Your Eyes exhibition: the set-up

Setup Dinos.jpg

Living Dinosaurs exhibition: the set-up


Designers at work

Flight Cases.jpg

Flight-cases ready for shipping

Containers on ship.png

Containers on a ship

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