FOX NEWS: INTERACTIVE SCIENCE Exhibition Announce It's Birth


17th October 2017

Thanks very for FOX NEWS reporting our Interactive Science exhibition













The brand new entertaining science exhibition, created by 20 scientists, will open in Rome, Italy on 30th October 2017. 

Interactive Science (presented in Rome under the name Scientopolis) is a brand new and most exciting science exhibition: interactive, innovative, fun, educational and entertaining, it suits adults, students, children and families of any age.

Interactive Science allows visitors to interact with the machines, experience and learn about science through fun: how the bones work, which you can learn while riding a bicycle; how fast your brain reacts; how to make an instrument sound without strings; how to move electrical lights with the movement of your hands and your own ability to even create electricity.

Do you know that each part of your body actually contains a music note? Do you want to hear its sound? Or would you like to test your body balance in a fun way? Do you believe there is a possibility your child could beat you in a wrestling competition? Do you want to test your memory? Do you want to see yourself in the mirror exchanging faces or parts of it with your friends? Do you want to use your brain waves to control a ball and test whose brain waves are stronger with your friends and families? Do you want to experience an earthquake without been hurt?

All the above dreams and curiosities will come true in this exhibition. ytwll “Interactive Science Believe What You Experience” brings you to experience the magic and art of science, math, physics, natural disasters, nature, solar energy, optics, lightning, biology, music, human body and more.

“Interactive Science Believe What You Experience” is produced by World Touring Exhibitions in collaboration with scientists, physicists, geologists and astronomers: it combines both knowledge and fun challenges, through over 40 interactive experiences.

Interactive Science will be hosted in the same venue hosting another very successfulI World Touring Exhibitions’ production: the exhibition Travelling Bricks made of LEGO bricks (under the local name of Brikmania), which sold 20,000 tickets in the first two weeks only!

Interactive Science World Premiere: Guido Reni District, Rome, Italy, from 1st November, 2017.

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